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Bumper Rules

Current Bumper Rules

Using the original stock bumper is the

easiest and preferred FRed Lobster bumper.


When going with this option you will need

to remove the plastic cover.



Front and back bumpers will be limited to one of following: 

1. Original stock bumpers front and back.
2. A one piece fabricated bumper no larger than inch and half (1.5") schedule 40 pipe or 2 inch by .120 square tubing.



Tuck and round anything that you add to

the car that is not stock.


Do not have anything sticking out that will

puncture a tire or pierce a panel.

Bumpers must follow the contour of the car

and not extend out past the car width.

If the safety inspector doesn’t like it

– be prepared to cut it!

"Radiator Protectors"...

(which should be the person behind the steering wheel) 

must be BEHIND your bumper and no larger than 1" sq or round pipe/tube....and not extend past where your radiator

is mounted....stay inside the frame rails. 

Acceptable Bumper Examples

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