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  Race Rules  

Car Rules: From Last Driver's Meeting-(Subject To Change)

Cars and Trucks:
All Teams Must Have Four Individual Drivers for Main Race
The idea behind this race is NOT one of the smartest we’ve had and whether you are participating or just a spectator – 

I. Cars

A. 4 cylinder vehicles only:  No rotary type engines. 
B. 2 wheel drive vehicles only.
C. You must have at least 1 working brake light when the race starts.
D. A seat belt, door and helmet are required for everyone riding in the car.  HELMETS must be DOT approved. No batting helmets, bicycling helmets or hard hats will be accepted as legal headgear.
E. Bumpers... go to bumper rules
G. 1 Fire Extinguisher in every car and 1 in the pit for every team.
H. Unaltered Street Tread Tires only 
I. Teams must be registered by a predetermined date, ($100). A $50 late fee will be accessed for entries registered after that date.  You can pay at the Driver’s Meeting or the morning of the race.
J. $1500 Claim (Changed at the 2023 Fall Driver's Meeting)
1. Claim must be made by the end of 50th lap.
2. Claim can only be done by an active race team member.
3. Claim is CASH IN HAND to Safety Coordinator.
4. Claimee will be advised of a claim but not who made claim.
5. FIRST CLAIM is the claim.

6. Teams can DENY a claim but the car is banned for life.  Team can continue to participate.
7. The Claim Board will decide on any discrepancies.

K. Pre-event drivers meeting attendance influences starting position. 

L. All rear wheel drive vehicles must start the race with mud flaps.

II. Teams

A. Each team must have a minimum of 4 licensed drivers. Drivers under 18 require parent/guardian consent. 

B.  Team drivers must change when instructed to do so.

C.  Drivers are not allowed to DRIVE multiple shifts in the same car.  

D.  Each Team is required to provide a safety corner flagger if it is determined that they will be needed.  

E.  Pit area is limited to 1 car length. 

F.  4 wheelers, UTVs, carts will only be allowed for utility type work the day of the race.


H.  Drinking is NOT a requirement.



A. Roll bars
B. Designated Drivers or Camping
C. Disengage the air bags.



A. Red Flag/Red Light/Train horn means stop immediately. Repeat offenders of the stop rule can expect severe punishment and public embarrassment (TBD).  

B. Pit Stops are mandatory for the following:

1. Flat tire

2. Causing a red flag

3. Multiple non-stops on red flags
C. Black Flag – you must exit the track immediately.

D.  Rubbing is racing but be SMART about it. This is NOT a demolition derby.

E.  A valid drivers license required to be in the pit area  -- NO KIDS ALLOWED IN THE PITS!  

F.  Head of Safety decisions are Final. 


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