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For The Upcoming Race
Current Schedule

Check in at 9:00am
Meeting and Line-up at 10:00am
Heat Race 1 at 11:00am
Heat Race 2 Line-up during Heat race 1...and so on.

B Main to start after Heat Races.


If B Main does not finish on Friday, resume at 10:00am
A Main Meeting and Line-up at 10:00am....or AFTER the B Main is completed.
1st leg of A Main to start at 11:00am

A MAIN Qualifiers must have 4 (FOUR) Drivers for the Saturday A MAIN, swapping drivers every 25 laps...based on the lead car.


RED Flag means to safely come to a complete STOP and wait for the track to be cleared and GO when the GREEN flag drops.

DO NOT PIT ON A RED FLAG...or you will be penalized a MINIMUM of 1 (ONE) lap, up to 10 (TEN) laps.  Pit on a GREEN flag ONLY.

WHITE Flag means there is 1 (ONE) lap to go, in either the race or particular leg of the race.

After the WHITE flag, you will go under the CHECKERED flag.  Once you pass the CHECKERED flag GO DIRECTLY TO THE PITS!!

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